Hotel Technology Platform

By using the “Hotel Technology PlatformTM" Sales and Operations Team, you will have the easiest and most economic model for the distribution of your technology products across all the hotels in Europe.

The "Hotel Technology PlatformTM" is composed of a selected group of technology companies which are taking advantage of this service to sell in Europe by using the dedicated "Hotel Technology PlatformTM" Directors of Sales. They are selling the products locally to hotels or corporate offices.

The "Hotel Technology PlatformTM" is also offering local operation teams to avoid all the challenges related to time zone, language and/or cultural differences.   

"By offering the hotels a full range of complementary and (non-compete) technology products, Cross-Tinental aggressively uses the synergies within all of them, creating higher sales possibilities and lower costs to all partners"

Cross-Tinental offers you:

Directors of sales experienced in hospitality and who are locally based in the areas with a higher concentraion of hotels.
Sales activities in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and United Kingdom.
1,100 sales visits talking to hotels about your products planned for the first six months of sales operations
Directors of Sales will attend the main travel and tourism exhibitions to maintain sales meetings with hotels.
Customer Care and Account Management: a multi-lingual team of experts in the hotel industry which will take care of hotels, ensuring that they use the technology correctly, fix the most common issues and answer questions about product usage. This is based in Europe and serving hotels in local time.



What Cross-Tinental offers to the hotels on behalf the technology companies:

Distribution of the best and latest technology: your product and complementary and non-compete products.
Customer Service in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
Customer Service to the hotels and corporate offices.
Customer Service by phone, email and chat. First response within 6 hours.
Whenever needed, Customer Service agents will open L3 cases for partners’ IT to resolve issues.



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